Microsoft servers are taken over to increase the number of proxies

Hackers installed malware on Microsoft SQL servers (opens in a new tab) in order to monetize the endpoint bandwidth.

Ahnlab’s results revealed a special type of malware called proxyware that turns a host device into a proxy server (opens in a new tab) a server that remote users can use for a variety of purposes, from testing to distributing content.

Three overlooked PlayStation exclusive games will arrive on Xbox and Game Pass

Three overlooked PlayStation indie games are hitting Xbox and Game Pass in the next few months.

Solar Ash, The Pathless, and Maquette have been released as exclusive consoles for PS5, PS4, and PC over the past few years. And soon Xbox players will be able to get them. This week An interactive presentation of Annapurna (opens in a new tab)It has been revealed that three titles will appear on the Xbox Series X | S, allowing owners of Microsoft’s console to play indie games for the first time.

Google Play Store blocks interstitial ads, VPN hijacking

Google announced a new Play Store policy for Android developers to crack down on interstitial ads, VPNs, and bogus apps disguised as genuine software.

Beginning September 30, 2022, the Play Store will require developers to stop showing “full-screen, fullscreen ads”, such as those displayed while playing a game or while loading an application. Additionally, interstitial ads that cannot be closed after 15 seconds will be banned.

Apple, Google made it clear after crypto scams hit app stores

US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) sent a letter to Apple CEOs demanding that companies explain how they review and approve mobile applications for trading and storing cryptocurrencies.

The letter comes days after the FBI warned retail investors that their peers lost over $ 42 million in crypto fraud in less than a year.

After all, you get the Google Play Store and the apps you deserve

A new day is coming for your Android apps. Google is implementing new Play Store rules for developers in an attempt to eliminate intrusive ads, spoofs and VPNService abuses.

Big changes will be introduced gradually (opens in a new tab) the first rule will go into effect on August 31 and be ready on July 31, 2023. After reading the rules, it seems that some developers in the Play Store are getting away with rough practices, but Google is giving them enough time to clean up their operation. The Play Store also explains the language of a few rules as it deals with erroneous information.

New rules

Bad news, Amazon Prime members – one of your best benefits has been received

Amazon has revealed it is shutting down its cloud storage platform as part of another consolidation pressure from the tech giant.

The company sent emails to Amazon Drive customers to confirm that the service would be shut down later next year.

The wait is over, Valve will ship all Steam decks by the end of 2022.

Valve announced that it will excite many players who are patiently waiting for their Steam decks. According to the company, all objections will be met by the end of 2022.

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Valve he cites this as easing supply chain problems that were previously choked Steam deck production for months. Now it can speed up the production of this mobile device, and the release date of some players has been pushed back to the third quarter (July-September). All others will receive them by the end of the fourth quarter of 2022 (October-December).

HBO has just canceled another comedy from 100% to Rotten Tomatoes

HBO canceled the comedy Gordita Chronicles.

In line with the deadline (opens in a new tab)a program that only started last month and met with real critical acclaim, earning a 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating (opens in a new tab) in the process of this process, he has now been liquidated and won’t get a second season, at least not on HBO Max.

How to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under season 2 online from anywhere?

The Drag Race is back to give more Australian queens and kiwi the chance to win $ 50,000 and the Next Drag Superstar Down Under crown, with the unmistakable Mama Ru, Michelle Visage and Rhys Nicholson once again evaluating their charisma, uniqueness, nervousness and talent. And with such talent – players, work better! Our guide below explains how to fully watch RuPaul Drag Race Down Under season 2 online FREE on BBC iPlayer in the UK (opens in a new tab).

The Kita Mean contestant won the main prize in last year’s debut of the series Down Under, proving her prowess in the fight against the remake of Family Resemblance. But who will enter the werkroom this time, ready to show that it is not a drag drongo?

The new iPad Air 6: what we want to see

Even though the newest iPad Air is only a few months old, we are already looking ahead and towards the next version of Apple’s mid-range tablet.

This isn’t another iPad on the way – there’s the iPad (2022), iPad Mini (2022), and iPad Pro (2022), which are likely to be in the first place. But the Air line is popular with many people who may not want these other devices.