New Pros iPads are launched “every day” – there is a tablet variation in the store

Apple is short of months to bring the iPad Pro 2022 to market in 2022, but they are said to arrive “in a few days” – and it is said Apple is also working on a new role for all of its iPad tablets.

It comes from the usually reliable Mark Gurman at Bloomberg (opens in a new tab)which claims that the refreshed 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will use the latest Apple M2 processor to increase performance by around 20%. The design is said to be similar to the current 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Microsoft’s technology, which will significantly shorten loading times for Windows players, will come “soon”

Microsoft has announced that the new version of DirectStorage will be available to game developers by the end of 2022 and will be an important step forward in accelerating loading times on SSDs.

As you may know, DirectStorage is a feature that first appeared on the Xbox that offers faster loading – and better game resource loading performance in big open world titles – and first appeared on Windows PCs in March.

Windows 12: new features we want to see

Windows 12 is likely to be Microsoft’s sequel to Windows 11 – and it may come sooner than you might think.

Rumors suggest that an ingeniously named operating system could arrive in 2024, and the possibility that Windows 12 will arrive shortly after Windows 11 has delighted some of us on TechRadar.

Celebrimbor from Rings of Power wants to meet a certain dwarf character in season 2

Full spoilers for the first season of The Rings of Power. There are also potential spoilers for Season 2.

Celebrimbor actor Charles Edwards wants Season 2 of The Rings of Power to introduce a deeply sculpted dwarf figure and then explore their friendship in more detail.

Turbo trainers vs exercise bikes – what’s best for you?

Indoor cycling has come a long way since the first days when riders mounted their bikes on unstable rollers and stared at the wall for hours during training. Nowadays, smart turbo trainers and connected exercise bikes provide a more enjoyable indoor cycling experience – albeit they are very different from each other. Which one should you get?

Indoor cycling isn’t just a replacement for going outside, but it has several distinct training advantages over going out onto the open road. First, it is more efficient as opposed to getting in and out of traffic; and secondly, an hour on a turbo or smart bike always provides a full hour of structured training.

A flagship box with an Intel Raptor Lake processor has been detected, suggesting it is approaching the launch

The packaging for the Intel Core i9-13900K processor has leaked, and while the spilled photo shows it has the same theme as the existing 12900K – including this waffle – there are some minor but nonetheless interesting changes.

The box for the Core i9-13900K was posted on Twitter by the well-known leaker HXL, who got it from the closed WeChat group, as VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) points out (and of course, as always, be skeptical whether it is real or not).

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 is approaching the premiere, and another specification has been leaked

Before a smartphone can go out into the world, it needs to be approved by various regulators – and the Samsung Galaxy S23 has just arrived at 3C, the Chinese regulatory agency, revealing another key spec along the way.

It comes from SamMobile (opens in a new tab) and Ice Universe (opens in a new tab)which are credible sources when it comes to Samsung’s upcoming products. The fact that the phone has now arrived in 3C suggests that it is still well on its way to launch in the not-too-distant future, with February 2023 being the month the phone will most likely be launched.

Soon it may be time to say goodbye to floppy disks

According to floppy disk mogul Tom Persky, the market for one of the most iconic products in the tech industry will only last for “another four years.”

The US businessman, who describes himself as the “last man standing” in a declining business, is running (opens in a new tab)one of the last places on the internet to buy vintage technology.

What Makes Noise Canceling on the AirPods Pro 2 so good? One billion transistors

By placing the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 headphones that Apple unveiled at the Far Out event on September 7 in my ears in the Steve Jobs Theater hands-on space, I wanted to experience what Apple promised would be a 2x better active noise canceling experience. Even in this bustling space, I was surprised at their effectiveness, which is mainly due to the new Apple H2 chip.

Apple’s silicon, which some say started with the iPhone and its specially designed A-series chips, has spread across a range of devices, including Macs and tablets with M-series processors – but the H2 predecessor that appeared on the original Pros AirPods in H1 chip form, in fact predates the Apple Silicon concept (similar to the original A series).

I bought a refurbished iPad Pro – and probably won’t buy a new gadget again

In my time at TechRadar I made sure I was a master of used products; buying your favorite gadgets is a great way to save money and the environment in one go. But since all the gadgets I use are maintenance loans, I didn’t really have to buy any technology for four years.

However, since I will be leaving TechRadar soon, the situation is different. I am now at the point where I need to start buying my own technology again. I have to spend my own money on the devices I will have – and the lack of such a position for a while makes it a really very scary change.