Don’t expect a Raspberry Pi 5 in 2023

Raspberry Pi CEO Eben Upton has confirmed that users shouldn’t expect a new entry in the company’s flagship product line for at least another year.

Making comments in progress interview (opens in a new tab) with Christopher Barnatt, aka ExplainingComputers (via Register (opens in a new tab)), Upton elaborated by saying that 2023 is very much a “year of recovery” from the effects the Covid-19 pandemic has had on global manufacturing and supply chains.

The Street Fighter 6 beta results are out and that’s good news for PS5 gamers

After the last closed beta, the Japanese game testing collective released their results for Street Fighter 6 and showed how the new Input Latency Reduction (IDR) feature helps to solve latency issues.

The other closed street fighter 6 the beta saw this new feature in action, which was added by Capcom to reduce latency PS5. Kimagre Gaming report published on it Twitter (opens in a new tab) the page breaks down the numbers for us.

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Cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles and deals in December 2022

We’ve scoured all the best Nintendo Switch bundles available today. We’ve found the best and cheapest deals in both the US and UK that pair the console with some of the best games and accessories. You can also find all of this week’s best Nintendo Switch deals on games and accessories in case you want to buy the extras separately.

We saw some brilliant Nintendo Switch bundles this Black Friday, so the quality has dropped a bit now that the year-end sale is over.

More than half of us still don’t use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks

It is estimated that Christmas is just a stone’s throw from over 113 million travelers (opens in a new tab) are getting ready to go on vacation – and only in the USA! Even more are expected to be on the move in the rest of the world.

Traveling often means spending long hours waiting at the airport or train station, in the car, plane, ferry or train. People are then more likely to connect to public Wi-Fi networks to stream media, watch YouTube videos, or browse social media feeds without consuming all their data. That’s when one of the best VPN services comes in handy this holiday season.

A global ad fraud campaign based on Google Ads has made millions

Experts have revealed that scammers used traffic from an adult site to generate clicks on Google Ads banners, earning huge profits.

Malwarebytes researchers who first spotted the campaign revealed how someone created an ad campaign on one of the major adult ad networks and used the “popunder” ad format.

OpenAI reveals an AI tool for building 3D models

The OpenAI artificial intelligence research lab has announced details of its latest technology that will bring massive improvements to 3D rendering.

OpenAI is the company behind the text-to-image generator, DALL-E, which has now focused on translating text prompts into 3D point clouds, which they called POINT-E.

The AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics card is a mix for content creators

Content creators are looking at what’s new AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX can be a disappointment.

benchmarking GPU in popular content creation applications, Puget systems (opens in a new tab) it turned out that the latest AMD offer lags behind the standards set by the competing Nvidia.

This new ransomware is developing fast so beware

New ransomware has appeared (opens in a new tab) operator in the city, and this one is gaining fame quite quickly. MalwareHunterTeam cybersecurity researchers recently uncovered a previously unbranded and relatively low-profile group. Now the group is called “Trigona” and has become very active.

BleepingComputer found that over the past few months, a group of cybercriminals has managed to compromise and encrypt the files of many targets, including a real estate company and an entire German village, adding that the number of attacks is increasing worldwide.

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Amazon Prime members can get the FPS masterpiece for free in December

Amazon Prime members can pick up five free PC games this December, including a true first-person shooter masterpiece.

As part of Prime Gaming’s free games offer, Prime members can purchase Quake, Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow, The Amazing American Circus, Banners of Ruin, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Spinch, Desert Child and Doors: Paradox 2022 in December.

Fallout 5: everything we know so far

Fallout 5 has been officially confirmed, but don’t get excited just yet. While it’s true that another major entry into the beloved RPG series is indeed in the works, it’s probably a long way off.

Starfield is Bethesda’s first game to be released before Fallout 5, and thankfully, it’s not far off. In addition, The Elder Scrolls 6 awaits us, which will be a continuation of Skyrim. The bad news is we don’t even have the vaguest idea of ​​when it’s coming out, not even a release year or a goal. Finally, when we’re all having fun playing The Elder Scrolls 6, we might see Fallout 5.