The Amazon Kindle store may soon be overflowing with books by ChatGPT

The Amazon Kindle has been a real boon for self-publishing authors, but its virtual bookstore may be overrun by a particularly prolific new scribe: ChatGPT.

As noted Reuters, there are already 200 e-books in the Amazon Kindle store, authored or co-authored by ChatGPT. But since Amazon doesn’t require authors to disclose whether they’ve used AI, this is likely a huge underestimation of the number of titles written or co-created by AI tools.

Activision finally confirms that there has been a serious data breach

Publishing giant Activision confirmed that there was a data breach at the end of last year.

Despite downplaying the incident, many in the media, as well as the underground hacking community, say the breach was serious.

AMD plans to harness the power of AI to transform gaming with its next-gen GPUs

AMD CEOs David Wang and Rick Bergman have confirmed that we will see much more AI in the next generation graphic cards from the tech giant, which will be built on the AMD RDNA 4 architecture.

In a recent interview with Japanese gaming site 4gamer, AMD executives detailed what we can expect from RDNA 4. Of course, the front and center were confirmation that we’d see a second iteration of Team Red’s AI accelerator cores (similar to Nvidia’s Tensor cores), which were first introduced in the current generation RDNA 3 GPUs – such as excellent Radeon RX 7900 XTXCurrently AMD’s best graphics card in the shop.

US government email server found without password protection

A US government email server has been detected online without the correct password (opens in a new tab) protect its contents by essentially disclosing sensitive information to anyone who knew where to look for it. Did anyone really know where to look – it remains to be seen.

The exposed email server was hosted on Microsoft’s government-owned Azure cloud for the Department of Defense, allowing sensitive but still unclassified data to be shared.

Revealed: Here’s what Google says will be the biggest trends in cloud data and AI this year

Google has released its 2023 Data and AI Trends Report, with a number of points it believes will become more prevalent in the coming months and years.

IN blog (opens in a new tab) Discussing the report, Google Cloud Data & Analytics VP Gerrit Kazmaier and Google Cloud Databases VP Andi Gutmans explain how addressing these five trends will help companies stay relevant and competitive.

Where to buy PSVR 2 – The new PS5 VR headset is here

PSVR 2 launches today and is actually in stock – a shocking twist for anyone who struggled to buy a PS5 for months when availability was so low. You may have read our PSVR 2 review and are now convinced to give this powerful and high-quality console-based virtual reality headset a try. If so, here’s where to buy PlayStation VR 2.

Right now PlayStation VR 2 costs $549.99 / £529.99 / AU$879.95 and is only available through the official Direct PlayStation Store (opens in a new tab) in this early launch window. It is unclear when this period of exclusivity will end or when it will be available at other retailers in these regions. For the money, you get a PSVR 2 headset, PSVR 2 Sense controllers, and a pair of stereo headphones.

F1 TV explained: what it is, what it includes, the cost, how to get it

The 2023 F1 season will be the most exciting yet, with 23 races confirmed, including the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. What’s more, motorsport fans can get closer to the action with F1 TV, the sport’s official streaming service.

Providing viewers with extensive coverage of race days, practice sessions, paddocks, live timing and tons of exclusive F1 content, read our full guide to using F1 TV and F1 TV Pro online and on your TV.

The best password manager denies that its entire database can be stolen

The open-source password manager KeePass has debunked claims that it has a serious vulnerability allowing unauthorized access to users’ password vaults.

KeePass is primarily intended for individual use, not as a business password manager. It differs from many popular password managers in that it does not store its database on cloud servers; instead, it stores them locally on the user’s device.

QNAP encourages customers to upgrade now to protect themselves from a dangerous vulnerability

A new exploit has been discovered that affects QNAP customers running the latest OS versions: QTS 5.0.1 and QuTS hero h.5.0.1, but don’t worry, apply this patch and you should be fine.

The vulnerability is said to allow cybercriminals to inject malicious code and has a score of 9.8 (out of 10) on the Common Security Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), making it critical.

The MacBook Pro’s new 14-inch SSD is slower than the 2021 MacBook Pro, and that’s a good thing

The new 14-inch MacBook Pro is already one of the hottest products of 2023 thanks to Apple’s new M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, but if new reports are to be believed, this fancy new silicon could come with a rather irritating trade-off: a slower SSD.

British tech channel Zone of Tech reported a much slower SSD in the new 14-inch MacBook Pro than in the 2021 14-inch MacBook Pro.

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