Oppo Find X6: release date, price, features and everything you need to know

The new Oppo Find X6 lineup has arrived, and the Oppo Find X6 Pro brings some serious camera credentials, along with all the other flagship specs we’ve come to expect. Unfortunately, we don’t know if or when it will be available outside of China, but we did get a good hands-on Find X6 Pro review for you to check out.

The Oppo Find X6 lineup could feature some of 2023’s best phones, though limited availability will hurt its appeal compared to phones like the OnePlus 11 – let alone the Samsung Galaxy S23 or iPhone 14.

Microsoft OneNote is being fixed after a malware surge

Microsoft adds extra protection to OneNote, one of the many productivity tools included in Microsoft 365, after hackers began to abuse it to deliver malware (opens in a new tab) en masse.

According to a new roadmap entry for Microsoft 365 spotted recently by BleepingComputer, OneNote will display an additional warning notification when a user tries to run a high-risk file.

Beware of these fake jobs on LinkedIn – they can lead to malware

A North Korean hacking group is believed to be behind a new malware campaign that uses fake jobs on LinkedIn to lure its victims.

The group posts fake jobs in the media, technology and defense industries under the guise of legitimate recruiters. They even impersonated the New York Times in one ad.

Cloud provider Blackbaud pays the price for hiding ransomware

Cloud software company Blackbaud has agreed to pay a $3 million settlement for misleading disclosures about a ransomware attack that happened nearly three years ago in May 2020.

A public company that provides donor data management software to nonprofits and educational institutions has collapsed, until now (opens in a new tab)to reveal a ransomware attack of which he was aware at the time.

ChatGPT Chrome extensions are mostly junk – but I found 4 worth installing

With the popularity of ChatGPT, the number of available Chrome extensions continues to grow. Some are helpful, but many are… not so great. However, we found some of the best extensions available that minimize search and maximize the ChatGPT experience in Chrome.

You can’t be a part of everyday internet culture, or at least be a person with internet access and escape the ChatGPT discourse – whether you like it or not. That, and South Park just mentioned it, so you know, it’s pretty serious now.

The Medusa ransomware group is getting serious

The ransomware operator, who has kept a low profile for the last few years, has struck gold after a series of successful and high-profile ransomware attacks targeting corporate victims.

Behind Beeping Computer (opens in a new tab)The threat group known as Medusa dates back to June 2021, but has only now come into the spotlight following the recent attack on the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) District.

Etsy sellers are not getting paid due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Some Etsy sellers have received email warnings about delays in making deposits after the Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, but the company promises a fix will be coming soon.

Etsy sellers can receive payments on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, and those who should have made a deposit on Friday have been notified of the delay.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro could bring back an iconic feature missing from the Watch 5 Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series of smartwatches lacks the iconic bezel controls of its predecessor, but the rotating bezel may return with the Galaxy Watch 6.

The Galaxy Watch ring was a ring that rotated around the face, allowing users to control the device. In our Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review, we called it an “intuitive” control method, and in our Galaxy Watch 3 review, we said the bezel makes scrolling through menus a “real joy.”

YouTube videos created with artificial intelligence spread malware

YouTube has recently seen a surge in the number of videos containing malicious links to information stealers in their descriptions, and many of them use AI-generated personas to trick viewers into trusting them.

CloudSEK cyber intelligence company reports (opens in a new tab) that since November 2022, there has been a massive 200-300% increase in content uploaded to a video hosting site that tricks viewers into installing well-known malware such as Vidar, RedLine, and Raccoon.

The Apple Mixed Reality Headset has unsettling echoes of the Apple Newton

Apple’s long-awaited mixed reality headset seems increasingly likely, but a new report suggests a turbulent development process that resembles a classic Apple product with a mixed reputation.

Financial Times (opens in a new tab) suggests that Apple CEO Tim Cook has decided to “debut this year” a mixed reality headset that apparently resembles a pair of lightweight ski goggles and will combine AR and VR experiences.