Fraud of all kinds is on the rise in the UK and EU

Digital fraud of all kinds in the UK and Europe is on the rise, with forced verification and deepfakes taking up a higher percentage of cases than before, new research shows.

As for deepfakes, their share in the UK increased from 1.2% in all of 2022 to 5.9% in the first quarter of this year alone. In Germany, this share increased from 1.5% to 7.6% over the same period, and in Italy from 0.5% to 5%.

Arnie’s FUBAR TV show is a big hit – here are 3 of his movies on Netflix to follow up

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back – and the debut season of his action-packed Netflix show FUBAR promises to be a big hit.

Fubara follows a retired CIA agent (Schwarzenegger) who is pulled back into “one last job” – only to discover that the spy he’s supposed to bring out is none other than his own daughter. Jokes about daddy issues and plenty of family humor amidst bazookas, car chases and large cigars.

Microsoft Teams may have just given you a great excuse to miss calls forever

Finding the right part of a work meeting to listen to if you miss a call will become a whole lot easier with the new Microsoft Teams update.

The video conferencing service is officially launching a tool that uses AI to generate not only meeting notes, but also suggested follow-ups along with timeline markers so you can instantly jump to the most relevant part of the conversation.

It looks like the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake will feature all the original voices and lines

It seems that Remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 will use the same voice characters, cast, and lines as the original game – no changes.

After first being announced at PlayStation Showcase last week, the game was described as having “original voice characters” – the original cast retained in the game is certainly worthy of celebration, absolutely – but what exactly are voice “characters”?

Slack facing widespread protests to introduce end-to-end encryption

More than 90 organizations have signed the so-called letter addressed to Slack with a request to provide end-to-end encryption in communication i online collaboration platformand lobbyists expect to descend on the company’s offices today to raise awareness.

The request, which has been backed by companies such as Mozilla and Tor, details the range of users asking for better security:

Plenty of Macs have been hinted at at the WWDC 2023 unveiling, but what could they be?

Apple’s big WWDC 2023 event kicks off on June 5, and the company is streaming a big opening event – here’s how to watch Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote. There’s sure to be a lot to do, and with high hopes, we’re now learning more about what to expect from this big event event.

As Apple is about to announce its Reality Pro AR/VR headset and show off the software that will power the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch in 2024, it promises to be a big event – and it’s ahead of you, remember that 15 The inch MacBook Air is also on the horizon.

The decidedly non-political FPS Six Days in Fallujah is about to hit early access

Controversial and headline-grabbing – and definitely not a political statement – shooter Six days in Fallujah coming to PC as part of the Steam Early Access program on June 22.

Claiming to offer an experience that will allow players to experience modernity “through the eyes of those who were there”, the tactical shooter offers a particular take on true stories from a real battle that is still fresh in the minds of many. and GoDaddy join IONOS and Wix in the Generative AI integration movement

As AI-powered features become more and more popular across all industries, a range of website building services are also jumping into fashion. and GoDaddy are the latest web hosting providers to integrate new AI features into the current website development model.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 may reject Samsung’s processors to extend battery life

Google is about to switch from the Samsung Exynos processors that powered the first Pixel Watch to Qualcomm chips pixel watch 2, among other things, to extend battery life.

According to 9to5GoogleGoogle is said to be changing Exynos to Snapdragon W5 Plus Gen 1. The W5 Plus Gen 1 is specifically designed to be more energy efficient, which Google hopes solves the Pixel Watch’s frustratingly short battery life which (as we highlighted in our Pixel Watch review) is one of its most annoying flaws.

Twitter moderation is about to go bad – and it’s all Elon Musk’s fault

Block Party, a third-party anti-harassment service dedicated to tackling offensive content on Twitter, has left the social media platform over the Twitter posting API access behind a paywall. The service previously allowed users to automate much of their moderation by proactively filtering and blocking accounts they like or retweeting posts you don’t want to engage with.

Announced in A blog post last nightthe anti-harassment tool is suspended indefinitely, with developers saying changes to Twitter’s API pricing (which starts at $100/month) “has prevented the Block Party Twitter product from continuing to function in its current form.”

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