LG C3 OLED: everything you need to know

The LG C3 OLED TV made its debut at CES 2023, continuing the long line of amazing C Series OLED screens we’ve always recommended over the years.

The LG C3 sits in the middle of LG’s 2023 OLED lineup – not as affordable as the B3 or as advanced as the G3, but taking a sweet spot of compromise in the middle. Despite LG’s other offerings this year, including wireless M3 OLEDand strong competition in the form of the Samsung S95C (which we rate as the best TV we’ve seen at the show), C-series screens always fare well with both reviewers and consumers – and the LG C3 OLED is one to watch this year .

The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra may miss this useful Galaxy Flip 4 feature

Motorola is expected to debut Motorola Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra in the first week of June, and a new leak reveals something that may be missing from the market-leading Galaxy Z Flip 4. According to the report, the Razr 40 Ultra may lack IP68 water and dust resistance, offering a more modest splash of IP52 resistance instead.

The request comes from a tipster Snoopy Tech, citing the leaked official Motorola specification. According to the sheet, the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra will have an IP52 rating. IP52 rating means the device is protected against limited dust and water splash ingress, but it cannot be submerged – which is usually found in some best cheap phones. In short, the water resistance of the new Razr does not match what is now the rival of its predecessor. This gel for retail list which went up prematurely in May listing the Razr 40 Ultra as not waterproof.

This video maker’s new AI editing tool selects the best shots for you

Artificial intelligence may already be the basis in best video editing softwarebut now Veed launches what it calls “the industry’s first editing tool.” Video Creator platform.

Every second counts when creating an online video, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram where brands only have a few seconds to capture their audience. Presumably, Veed thinks our “ummy” and “ahh” are wasting precious time – with Magic Cut set to clean content.

B&O launches the world’s second 97-inch OLED TV, which is much cooler than LG

The 97-inch Beovision Harmony OLED TV has been unveiled by luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen, with a shape-shifting speaker system that defines this TV series – a huge difference compared to most top OLED TVs.

The 97-inch OLED screen costs $63,075 / £50,650 (around AU$95,000) and will no doubt be produced in rather small numbers considering the price.

Microsoft is working on a mega security fix for some of its top issues

Microsoft has released a patch for a secure boot bypass vulnerability that allowed cybercriminals to deploy the BlackLotus bootkit on targeted endpoints – however, the update will sit idle on computers for months before actually being used as its application is a bit complex.

The original vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2022-21894, and this one was patched in early 2023. However, hackers soon found ways around the fix and continued to deploy BlackLotus on Windows 10, Windows 11, and many versions of Windows Server. As such, CVE-2023-24932 was discussed earlier this week.

The Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX smart video puts the Sony A7 IV in the shadows

In my last Panasonic Lumix S5 II review – the full frame camera scored the maximum 5 star rating – I particularly praised its video features, which are second to none in the sub $2000 / £2000 price range. We already knew that the next version of the camera is in the works, and the S5 IIX – which boasts even more advanced video capabilities – has just been officially announced.

I described the S5 II as the first video camera, the second camera and its main rival, Sony A7IV photo first, then video (which costs an extra 20%). But while the S5 II has an all-around advantage when it comes to video, the Sony A7 IV has some advantages over it when it comes to video quality.

Sony invites you to plug in a microphone and sing along with a large new Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to portable, durable party-ready speakers, very few models can boast the extra whistles, bells, inputs and features of Sony options – even the best Bluetooth speakers. The all-new SRS XV800 is no exception.

What is this? Large speaker with Bluetooth 5.3 (but no LDAC), five tweeters and dual, not round, not square, more curved rectangular Sony X-Balanced speakers. Two of these tweeters are located on the top near the touch control panel, one at the base and two on the back of the speaker. You also get an ambient light show, a sensor that detects its orientation and thus better adjusts the surround sound, a karaoke input (read: microphone) and more you can use for your guitar, an optical input for Sony’s unique TV sound amplifier mode and a USB port for local files.

Brazil threatens to block Telegram VPN

The Supreme Federal Court in Brazil plans to ban the use of VPN services in order to overcome possible Telegram blocks.

The decision by Minister Alexandre de Moraes came after the app criticized the state of democracy in Brazil in a public statement, warning users against so-called fake news law.

Apple under investigation in Italy for alleged data breach

After temporarily banning ChatGPT and sparking a surge in VPN service downloads, another major tech company is now under scrutiny in Italy.

This time around, it’s Apple that gets in trouble for allegedly abusing its market dominance against third-party app developers.

Elections in Turkey: How likely is information obfuscation?

As Turkish citizens prepare to go to the polls, concerns are mounting over potential information outages on key election days.

In fact, President Erdoğan is not new to shutting down the internet in times of crisis. The most recent case comes in February, when the government blocked Twitter just when people needed it most – while they were dealing with the devastating aftermath of an earthquake that rocked Turkey and Syria.