Continental on Peacock: Everything We Know So Far

Information key

– It is expected to be launched on Peacock in 2023
– Prequel to the John Wick film series
– The first season consists of three 90-minute episodes
– Focuses on the young version of Winston Ian McShane
– It is believed that the action takes place in the 1970s
– Chris Collins stars as showrunner
– Keanu Reeves among the show’s executive producers

The Continental Hotel will soon reopen its doors to fans of the fan-favorite John Wick film franchise. The series, starring beloved actor Keanu Reeves as a cult killer pushed out of retirement in search of revenge, was only supposed to be one movie. However, the John Wick universe now has three chapters, with two more on the way. Not only that, but we’re also getting a prequel to the John Wick TV series, tentatively titled The Continental, coming to Peacock, NBC Universal streaming platform.

Continental is the foundation of the franchise; a chain of hotels around the world that offer neutral territory for members of the criminal underworld, such as hit men like Wick, to do business or hide from the authorities. If you are staying at the Continental Hotel, you must follow the rules. While we know the man himself didn’t follow them in John Wick Chapter 2 – but let’s not get into that now.

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