Here are the secrets of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the future of this crease

Folding devices that are now in the hands of consumers, and even showcased at IFA 2022 on Lenovo and Asus laptops, can enjoy their breakthrough year. If so, then we probably owe it to Samsung, who did the lion’s share of the work to make folding phones and flexible screens the mainstream.

How we got this far, and how Samsung’s estimated foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 overcame countless design challenges is the story best told by an insider: someone like Dr. Won-Joon Choi, Executive Vice President, Flagship Team Leader Product Research and Development and the Technology Strategy team at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics, who sat down with me at IFA 2022 in Berlin to reveal a whole lot of secrets about Fold’s design and development.

As Dr. Choi told me, Samsung is hoping that with foldable phones, as with large screen phones like the Galaxy Note a decade ago, the industry will change. That’s the line, along with the belief that folding is ready to go mainstream that Samsung likes to repeat to anyone who wants to listen – but I sense that with Choi, the sentiment relies less on marketing than on hard-won experience.

Dr Won-Joon Choi of Samsung at IFA 2022 (Photo credit: Future)

Building Z Fold and Z Flips was “very challenging … from our perspective there are many limitations and challenges to folding,” said Dr. Cho, who has been working at Samsung since 2016 and actually has dual responsibilities as a leading flagship Research & Development and Leadership Samsung’s Technology Strategy Team, where it builds strategic relationships with startups and global companies. This is something that plays a significant role in his work to help make Foldable’s three-year business a reality.

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