A Sony patent would have you yelling at your TV to skip commercials

Imagine being trapped in a commercial hell where the only escape is your voice. Who would cook something like that?

According tweet (opens in a new tab) viewed over 18 million times, it was a brilliant idea from Sony. I almost spat when the tweet showed up in my feed. This is not a full patent, just an illustration from one that shows someone sitting on a couch watching a TV show where one person shoots someone else (weird to have such unnecessary violence in a patent). The McDonald’s ad, represented of course by a giant hamburger, appears on the screen with the message “Say ‘McDonald’s’ to end the ad.” The TV viewer enthusiastically jumps to his feet and shouts “McDonald’s” before returning to the on-screen violence.

PC sales plummet in 2022 and even Apple is not safe

The global PC market has seen a marked decline amid economic concerns on a global scale in 2022, according to new analyst data.

Latest numbers from Channels says total worldwide desktop and notebook sales fell year-on-year to 285 million, down 16% from 2021.

Hundreds of fake AnyDesk sites send Vidar malware to steal information

A large spoofing campaign aims to distribute Vidar’s information theft tool to as many endpoints as possible.

A cybersecurity researcher at SEKOIA, going by the pseudonym crep1x, discovered the campaign and raised the alarm on Twitter. In a short Twitter threat, the researcher said he had uncovered over 1,300 domains all impersonating major software brands to push malware (opens in a new tab).

Chrome 109 improves video calls, but it’s up to the developers to add the changes

Google is currently releasing a stable version Chrome 109 for desktop and mobile as it adds new features. However, these features are dependent on third-party developers to implement them.

The the update gives developers (opens in a new tab) new tools to improve the interactivity between their software and the browser. Conditional focus (opens in a new tab) is added, which will allow the video conferencing app to decide if it wants to focus on a tab or window when screen sharing starts. If developers don’t want either, they can set the capture page as the main screen instead. In a similar way to how Zoom already does, the browser will also be able to mute audio in a video call so people don’t have to mute their microphone. The main difference is that Chrome’s sound suppression seems to work with all video conferencing apps as long as the developers have tweaked their software to support it.

Hisense’s 2023 line of all-mini-LED TVs is topped by the brightest set yet

The extensive Hisense stand at ul CES 2023 was full of TVs – unlike some other brands, it displayed the full lineup for 2023, with detailed specifications for each series. All sets should be available in the spring, which is the time when manufacturers usually introduce new TVs.

Last year, Hisense introduced its first mini-LED models, U8H serieswhich is on our list best 4K TVs thanks to great performance in relation to the price. In 2023, the company will use mini-LED backlighting across its range of premium ULED (quantum dot) TVs, with prices starting at under $500 / £410 for the 50-inch model. Along with mini-LED backlighting, each series will take advantage of Google TV’s smart interface and offer gaming-focused features, including refresh rates up to 144Hz, VRR, ALLM, and FreeSync Premium Pro on all but the entry-level U6K. All sets will additionally support Wi-Fi 6E for high-speed streaming, as well as Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ high dynamic range formats.

Microsoft 365 wants to collect all your notifications in one place

Microsoft is implementing a centralized notification channel for its Microsoft365 set with Office software which it says will provide a “mix of relevant content” for content users access or will be made available to them.

Quiet announced (opens in a new tab) as part of the Microsoft 365 roadmap for December 2022, which is scheduled to launch in January 2023, the feature, dubbed Microsoft Feed, is no doubt part of the effort to make collaboration software they have more, well, a sense of cooperation.

Oppo Find N2: everything you need to know

In what may be the last flagship phone launch in 2022, Oppo unveiled both the Find N2 and Find N2 Flip – Oppo’s foldable rivals for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4.

That said, while the phones have been unveiled, this launch was for China only, so some details regarding global availability and pricing have yet to be confirmed – although we do know that at least one of these phones will be sold more widely.

Apple M1 Mac and Studio Display now use Self Repair

Apple has expanded its self-repair program to cover more devices, opening it up to some Macs with the M1 and Apple Studio Display.

The self-service repair scheme allows device owners to make their own repairs by providing the right parts, instructions and tools for the purpose. However, you have to be very confident when tinkering with the gadgets to do these repairs basically.

A new vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange is used to attack servers

Researchers have revealed that a new vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange is being used to attack servers and deliver remote access tools and remote administration software.

CrowdStrike cybersecurity experts stumbled upon a new exploit chain while investigating a Play ransomware attack. Upon further analysis, the exploit chain was found to bypass the ProxyNotShell URL Rewrite Mitigation, allowing cybercriminals to have Remote Code Execution (RCE) privileges on targeted endpoints (opens in a new tab).

Final Fantasy 16 release date and everything we know so far

Final Fantasy 16 now has a full release date, and thankfully, it’s not too far away. In fact, you’ll be playing Final Fantasy 16 in June 2023. This is the first main entry since 2016’s FF15 and features a completely different vibe and art style. This time everything is based on medieval Europe. So all swords, shields and locks.

If you’ve been following all things Final Fantasy 16, you’ll know that this is a completely different beast than its predecessor. This is of course nothing new as each entry in the series often changes everything from combat to visual style. This time we are heading to Valistea, a world divided into six nations.